9 Catalyst Quotes About Leadership To Inspire Your Growth

9 Catalyst Quotes About Leadership To Inspire Your Growth

You can learn a lessons in life and leadership from anyone at anytime. However, there is a certain kind of lesson that, if applied, makes results happen faster. It’s what I call a Catalyst Lesson.  We gathered these catalyst lessons from speakers at the Catalyst for Growth Summit to help fuel your growth and development. 

Read them slow, and challenge yourself to pick the two that are most important to remember right now.

Your strengths aren't meant for yourself, they are meant for others.

You can't rescue anyone if you are drowning.

Winning is important. it begins with how we think

Most people don't lack education, they lack implementation.

Comparison is only good when it's against the best version of yourself.

One person can't make a team, but one person can break a team.

Humility is not ignoring your gifts, it's stepping into them.

Intensity in leadership is a divider, not a binder.

Your dream won't happen by accident. It will be traced back to an unwavering belief you are bound by.

Which Catalyst Lesson is most important in your journey right now?