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Not Another Leadership Assessment

For decades Human Resources and Organizational Executives have relied on performance reports, anecdotal evidence, culture surveys, and in-person interactions to determine the quality of their leaders.  The inconsistencies of the information made it difficult to make promotion, training, and termination decisions.

 2020 has created a remote workforce that removed many of the in-person data points executives relied on.  Now is the time to gain clarity on the quality of your leaders.

Our application gives you the power to not only assess your leaders, but also a way to drill down and gain insights across your organization. These data points allow you to make smart decisions about who, what, and how you coach and train your leaders — removing the guesswork,  streamlining your effectiveness, and saving your resources across the board.

Enlighten with Data

Self-awareness is the first step to creating change.  When leaders see how their team and colleagues actually view their leadership approach, they’re motivated to improve themselves. In addition to data, there’s also anonymous feedback that gives them specific examples of things they’re doing well and areas that require improvement.


Promote with Confidence

As leaders move up higher up in your organization, their soft skills become exponentially more critical than their technical skills. Create a succession pipeline filled with leaders who are in alignment with your organization’s values and long-term vision. 

Focus Training Initiatives

You’ll have visibility into your leadership as a whole and be able to drill down into regions and individual leaders. The assessment focuses on 16 core leadership competencies. These insights will help you create comprehensive development roadmaps that will take leaders from where they are today to where you envision them being in the future. No more wasting time and resources on wide-net training solutions and hoping for change.

Coach for Growth

The assessment allows you to get a full view of of a leader. This allows you to have focused coaching conversations that close the gap between a leader’s strengths and their weaknesses. 

Key Features


See How You Measure Up Against Benchmark Data Points from Over 40,000+ Leaders
Compare Individuals Against All Leaders in Your Organization
Know the Percentage of Leadership Styles in Your Organization
Send a Dashboard View of an Individual’s Report to their Coach, Mentor, & Manager
Compare How Leaders See Themselves vs. How Others See them
Preset Reminders Go Out During the Assessment Period
Reassess and Measure Change Overtime


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