The Proven Formula to Upgrade the Talent on Your Team

Where managers make mistakes is leaving the talent on their team solely up to an internal or external recruiter. Remember, leaders must be ultimately responsible for recruiting and coaching. Being philosophically aligned with recruiters about gaps in the team and the attributes required to be successful must be communicated regularly.

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How the Best Leaders Handle Negative Employees

Negativity is a drain on your life. To be fair, it’s more of a drip than an enormous leak, but it adds up over time. Negativity can come from various sources, but the most likely source is from within or another person.
Since leaders are in the people business, it’s only a matter of time before you’re working to overcome it in yourself or dealing with negative people on your team.

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Why Being a Good Person Doesn’t Equal Great Leader

Anyone who is a great leader cares about being a good person. Unfortunately, being a good person doesn’t automatically make you a great leader. Having qualities such as being kind, empathetic, compassionate, helpful, thoughtful, and morally strong are excellent traits, but they don’t guarantee you help others maximize their potential.

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