3 Surefire Signs Managers in Your Organization Need Leadership Training

3 Surefire Signs Managers in Your Organization Need Leadership Training

Organizations often promote top performers, but without proper leadership skill development, they struggle to lead their teams and only manage to get by. No matter how long your people have been in their leadership positions, it’s always critical to develop and elevate their skills. 

Here are 3 signs your managers need leadership training. 

1. They Blame their Team for Mistakes.

When you have difficult conversations about lack of productivity or challenges with their team’s performance, do your leaders jump to point blame at their team or a specific individual? The best leaders know they are ultimately responsible for their team’s failures and will take ownership. 

2. They’ve Become Bottlenecks.

Even the people who are ego-driven and thrive on the feeling of power get exhausted over time in having to make every important decision. At the core of leadership is empowering other people. Decision making is one of the best ways to empower other people. If you notice people waiting for their leader to make all the decisions, their inability to empower others could be creating a seriously negative impact on your organization’s productivity.  

3. Top Performers are Leaving.

A recent Gallup study showed 75 percent of employees who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses. It is something I have seen happen over and over again at companies we work with at LearnLoft. Regardless of how the employee feels about their position itself, they just do not see a way around their bad boss. These talented, hard-working people are pushed to their wits’ end instead of being supported and developed.

If you’ve seen any of these three signs in your managers, consider implementing a leadership development program in your organization. Check out our Building the Best Workshop.

Need Help Developing Leadership Skills of Your Managers? Developing managers into leaders is difficult. A great step is providing a formal development opportunity such as the Building the Best Assessment and Workshop.  Learn more here.