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Many of our partnerships with organizational leaders are formed because they want their leadership programs to be about them.  However they just need an partner to power their leadership development efforts. When done well, it’s the most effective way to develop leaders on the planet.  


Leadership Skill Assessments

Understanding strengths & weaknesses is the first step to creating change.

Private Workshops Powered By Proven Content

We've codified what the best leaders, teams, professionals & most effective organizations do to bring you programs designed to elevate leadership skills across your organization.

Coaching & Reinforcement

Knowledge is great, but you won't see results unless people apply what they've learned. We're here to ensure behaviors change.

Leadership Skill Re-Assessments

Growth is measured through a re-assessment of skills.


We take into account each organizations need to develop their leaders combined with their desired outcome, and tailor our programs to create a customized solution.

Building the Best Leading Others
Leadership development program covering the fundamentals of leading a team. Content covers everything from relationship building all the way through coaching and accountability. Typically delivered in a 2 day instructor led workshop or in a virtual instructor led training live session.
Coaching for Excellence
Every leader needs to play the role of a coach. Provide the leaders in your organization with the tools and techniques to be an effective coach to their team. Typically delivered in a 1.5 hour online workshop or a half-day instructor led training session.
Leverage Accountability
Accountability is a key skill for every leader to master. Provide the leaders in your organization with the tools and techniques to be accountable to themselves and hold others accountable. Typically delivered in a 1.5 hour online workshop or a half-day instructor led training session.
Mentorship Matters
Developing a culture of mentorship is critical for the long term success of any organization. Provide your leaders with models and tools to help them mentor others.
Leading Remote Teams
Leading a remote team is just a part of our new reality. Help managers discover how to lead and not manage their remote team. Typically a 2 hour virtual workshop.
Emerging Leaders Program
Providing leadership development opportunities to emerging leaders is a fantastic retention and development tool. Typically a 2 day instructor led program or 4 hour virtual program.

How We Help Organizations

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Building the Best

#1 Amazon New Release in Human Resources

John Eades, LearnLoft CEO and Podcast Host, challenges you to rethink what it means to be a leader today, and shows you how to become a world-class leader who inspires, empowers, and serves—and who can transform the results of any team or organization. 

BUILDING THE BEST: The Proven Principles to Turn Managers into Leaders

We’ve been hard at work studying what’s required from the modern leader to be successful. Through 40,000 assessments and hundreds of interviews, we discovered the most important job a leader has today is to Elevate Others. To do so requires the simultaneous use of high levels of love and discipline. From our research, we created the Building The Best Framework designed around 16 proven competencies (8 love and 8 discipline).

We know how hard it is to develop leaders. But when you have leaders instead of managers, performance improves and productivity skyrockets. John Eades, LearnLoft CEO and host of the Follow My Lead Podcast, has turned our research into a book, Building The Best: 8 Proven Leadership Principles To Elevate Others to Success.

Luckily you don’t have to develop leaders on your own. Partner with LearnLoft to bring proven principles, tools, delivery, and expertise to your organization.

Since, not every company invests in leadership development, individual leaders can join the Ultimate Leadership Academy an 8-week virtual leadership development program.

Almost everything can be traced back to leadership. It isn’t a little thing, it’s everything.

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