One Thing Every Professional MUST Bring to Work

One Thing Every Professional MUST Bring to Work

A lot of people are talented, but something separates the successful ones from the others. Take for example a contractor named Lucas.

Lucas worked for several years in a company specialized in building houses. After a few years in the organization, he came to the realization he wasn’t growing at the rate he desired.  He approached the owner and expressed his desire to grow, make more money and to take more responsibility.

While the owner seemed receptive to the idea, the next year provided promotional opportunities yet, he was not selected. The owner explained that he was not ready for some of them and that took a toll on him. Lucas didn’t cope well with the setback. At some point, disappointed, Lucas decided to leave the company and explore new pastures.

Lucas then approached the owner and resigned. The owner asked him to think better and reconsider his decision, but Lucas was determined to leave.

The owner then expressed how much he appreciated the work Lucas did and how important he was for his business. Also, mentioned the high standards of his work and the top-quality houses he delivered. After a long dialogue, the owner asked Lucas to build one last house. Lucas rejected and said he was not willing to.  The owner insisted in the name of their long relationship.

Lucas finally accepted but didn’t keep the high standards he used to apply. He built the house using low-quality material, left doors and windows with gaps, and put on the roof poorly. But because it was the last house he was going to build for the man, Lucas declared the house done and his part of the agreement delivered.

On his last day, he met the owner to deliver the key of the house. The owner then asked ‘So you finished the house?’Lucas answered ‘Yes, I sure did!’ and gave the keys to the owner.

The owner then said you don’t need to give me the keys, these keys are yours. This is your house and my gift to you.’

So, what happened here?

We should never compromise quality and good standards of what / how we do our work irrespective of the situation we are in. Regardless if our outlook is bright and promising or cloudy and uncertain, we remain committed to delivering outstanding results till the end.

We sometimes hear people saying ‘I would do more if… I earned more, I got a promotion etc’. Whereas commitment to do and deliver more should come first, then stand out the crowd and as result deserve and get more in return.

As Margaret Mead said, ‘never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’

Here are few characteristics of committed people:

Come Together for a Cause

Committed people come together for a cause even if they have nothing to do among themselves in terms of culture, background, language etc. They align on a common goal and find a way to deliver outstanding results.

Do the Work

Committed people do the work others don’t want to do. They get involved and do the extra mile. In that process, good opportunities surface for them.

Align to the Business Strategy

Committed people are constantly asking how they can support management in succeeding on the overall business strategy.

Back to Lucas, building the last house was a hidden opportunity for him. How committed are you building your ‘house’ and do you see these characteristics in your own actions?

About the Author Domingos dos Reis Silver Junior has over 20 years in the shipping industry and now shares his experience and expertise in writing.  He is passionate about improving the leadership skills of others.  You can learn more about him here.