Anytime a major industry publication approaches you to write a thought leadership piece, it’s exciting. As you might expect, Microlearning was the focus of the request.

Microlearning has only been a buzzword in the training industry for the past few years. In that short amount of time, our business has made it a priority to immerse ourselves in Microlearning. We began building content differently, and deployed Microlearning training to over 10,000 learners across various industry segments. During this period of immersion, we learned that Microlearning is not only widely misunderstood, but often misused both in term and execution. Accordingly, it became our mission to uncover and dispelled 5 of the most common myths about Microlearning.

Read the rest of the article in summer 2016 of  Training Industry magazine.

Dispelling the 5 Myths of Microlearning

What’s included:

  • 5 Myths of Microlearning: our favorite “My content is too complex for Micro”
  • 3 Tips for creating just-in-time (JIT) Microlearning videos
  • 3 Tips for creating Microlearning content for behavior change

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