In order to get people to want to follow you and to join you on your journey, you must be able to communicate with your audience. I am not breaking any news here, but it’s impossible to be a highly effective leader without being a great communicator. James Humes famously said, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

Turns out communication is important for everyone in an organization, not just people in positions of leadership. A significant communication skills gap was identified in a recent study by LinkedIn of Human Resources Recruiters and Hiring Managers. 94% of respondents said a person with good experience and exceptional communication skills is more likely to be elevated to a position of leadership than someone with more experience but weaker communication skills.

We covered some specific strategies to help you in the latest episode of the Follow My Lead Podcast with Scott Stolze.

There were many powerful lessons in the interview to help you improve your communication. Here are just a few:

“People are attracted to leaders who make them feel good and can convey a sense of certainty.”

Scott Stolze

“Great communicators understand other people.”

Scott Stolze

Communication has more to do with the audience than the person doing the communicating.

John Eades in Building the Best

You can learn more about Scott Stolze here.

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