This Huge Leadership Mistake Hurts Everyone

This Huge Leadership Mistake Hurts Everyone

Time after time, we hear about people who are horrible leaders. It seems like everyone knows it, except for the leader themselves. Why are organizations so afraid to address the elephant in the room?

Organizations are leaving people in positions of leadership who aren’t leading effectively and hoping things change. As the late Rick Page said, “hope is not a strategy.”

There are two choices and they should be followed in this order:

1. Help them grow and develop. Invest in them and their development. There are so many programs you can implement, coaching, mentorships, etc. Whatever the modality, the point is to do it.

If you’ve invested the time, energy and resources and they don’t change, then should you move on to the second option.

2. Find someone else who can. When you’re looking for someone else to fill the role, provide clarity.

It’s never easy, but the cost of not addressing poor leadership outweighs the cost of tackling it head-on.

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