How Leaders Create Connection in the Workplace

How Leaders Create Connection in the Workplace

“Employees leave companies, they don’t leave communities.”

In season 23 episode 10, we are joined by Rachel Druckenmiller. She is the founder of Unmuted and is a thought leader in the world of healthy work.  You can learn more about her here.

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At some point, every leader will deal with someone who doesn’t feel like they are connected to the rest of the team. The problem is common because the need to belong is in our wiring as human beings. Because of this, one of the major responsibilities of leaders is to create an environment that helps people be connected.

Before we get too far, it’s essential to understand precisely what it means to be connected at work. Rachel Druckenmiller defined it on the Follow My Lead podcast as, “Connectedness is the universal human desire to feel seen, heard, known, and valued.” When a professional is seen, heard, known, and valued, they will feel like they belong.

In Building the Best, I wrote about research conducted by Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Timothy B. Smith, and J. Bradley Layton, which found the quality and quantity of social relationships is linked to mental health, morbidity, and mortality. Solid connections and belonging are as important to your health and happiness as food, water, and shelter.

Benefits of Having Connected Professionals at Work:

  1. Reduced Burnout
  2. Improved Performance
  3. Increased Retention
  4. Enhanced engagement

So the next time you are on the fence about making an effort to connect or be connected, remember this quote:

“It’s a risk to connect because you can be rejected, but its a risk worth taking because a disconnected life is lonely and unfulfilled life.”

Rachel Druckenmiller:

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