How to Be Ready for Management

How to Be Ready for Management

There is nothing easy about being a manager. Most professionals never expect how much work their new role is going to be. Whether it’s performance reviews, to one-on-ones to difficult decisions to tough conversations, the job seemingly never gets easier.

Today’s guest on the Follow My Lead Podcast, Ryan Hawk, knows a thing or two about how to make the transition to manager easier. He is the host of the Learning Leader Podcast and the author of the upcoming book, Welcome to Management. You can learn more and preorder the book here.

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In the show we cover:

– Why is curiosity a skill that can be developed?

– How to handle someone who isn’t in growth mode

– How do you fight the urge to know feel like a know it all

– How do you handle someone, not in growth mode

– Are leaders born or made?

– One leadership competency that’s most important for a leader

– What is Intellectual humility?

– Why do so many bad leaders stay in positions of leadership

– What is someone working for a bad boss supposed to do?

– What are the common skills and behaviors of great leaders