What You Should Know About the Modern Definition of Leadership

What You Should Know About the Modern Definition of Leadership

If you search “leadership” over sixty thousand definitions will come up. While some of them are great, others are completely off base considering the current state.

Through our research, we’ve created the most accurate and modern definition of leadership that anyone, no matter their role, should live by:

A leader is defined as someone whose actions INSPIRE, EMPOWER & SERVE in order to ELEVATE OTHERS over an extended period of time.

These words are chosen carefully and for great reason. The word inspire has its origin from Latin, and it means “to breathe life into.” Empower means “to give control over another’s life and the authority to do something.” “Serve” comes from the Latin word servant, and in today’s context it means “to devote (part of) one’s life or efforts to others.” All three are critical to elevating others.  If what you are doing to proactively elevate others results in them being more inspired and having a better life, empowers them with control and authority, and serves their heart, then you are on your way to true leadership. In addition, you must help others move into a more permanent state of improvement.

The world needs more leaders. Learn it. Live it.

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