The Obvious Yet Overlooked Fact Leaders Shouldn’t Ignore

Traveler spying through binoculars

The Obvious Yet Overlooked Fact Leaders Shouldn’t Ignore

Your personal brand includes everything you say and do — in public and private. Yes, in private too.

The truth is, nothing is private anymore. You are always being watched whether it’s in-person or online. Every post you make, comment you leave, or thing you share is open to scrutiny. The same goes for how what you do in public. Did you act out at the airport? Are you treating your waiter poorly at dinner? Do you drive like a maniac – honking your horn and flipping the bird as you pass an “idoit” driver? What if that other driver happens to be someone on your team? Those examples may seem extreme, but we’ve all seen people in these situations and there’s a good chance they lead other people.

Some leaders forget their people are always watching every little thing they do. From how they treat other employees to how they talk to the leader managing them. Here’s a clue: If you treat people differently based on their role, then you’re doing it wrong.

You should live every moment as if your team is watching you because they are. Set the best example of how you want them to live out your team’s values. If you’re holding them to a standard, be the first to overshoot the set expectation.

The next time you think no one is looking, think again. You are always being watched. Get used to it.

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