Why Leaders Must Be More Patient With Employees

Why Leaders Must Be More Patient With Employees

Think back to your first real job.  Now think about how long it took you to develop the skills required to excel or even be proficient in that job.  If you are anything like me, it took you longer than you imaged it would.

For some reason along the way, leaders have forgotten how long it takes for someone to develop their skills.  They have made the mistake of expecting their people to deliver results immediately or else moving them to the “expendable” list.

This is an approach that must change if you want to move from manager to leader. Learn why we think so and what you should be measuring instead of solely results:

Are you being patient with your people?  Are you aligned to where they are in the development of their skills?  Allocating your time, energy, and effort to ensure you are being patient with your people is something your people will thank you for many years later.

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About the Author John Eades is the CEO of LearnLoft, a full-service organizational health company which exists to turn managers into leaders and create healthier places to work. John was named one of LinkedIn’s 2017 Top Voices in Management & Workplace and was awarded the 2017 Readership Award by Training Industry.com. John is also the host of the “Follow My Lead” Podcast, a show that transfers stories and best practices from today’s leaders to the leaders of tomorrow. He is also the author of FML: Standing Out and Being a Leader and the upcoming book “The Welder Leader.” You follow him on instagram @johngeades.