Is Being a Manager a Burden or a Blessing?

Is Being a Manager a Burden or a Blessing?

Most professionals start their managerial role thinking their new job is a blessing, but it quickly turns into a burden. Which one is it for you and how can you make your job more of a blessing?

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your job as a manager is a blessing and not a burden:

Start with the Right Mindset

Often our thoughts dictate our actions.  If you start with the mindset that your job as a manager is a burden, then your actions will look like that.  You get the opportunity every single day to decide your mindset. The question is, are you going to start with the mindset of burden or blessing?

Reject P Squared

Most people want to be promoted to a manager role for what we call P Squared.  It stands for Pay + Power. It’s so tempting to be drawn to a managerial role for these two things.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with additional pay and extra power by themselves, if they are your only driving force then you are in for a world of “burden” as a manager.

Stick With It

Like any change in behavior, it’s easy to do it for a couple days but to do it day after day until it becomes a habit is difficult.  Find a way to center yourself and think about the opportunity you have each and every day to make a positive impact on the lives that have been entrusted to you.  It could be a short moment prior to walking in the office or the minute you wake up.  The key is you find a way to stick with it.

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