Get Promoted: Stand Out and Become a Leader

Get Promoted: Stand Out and Become a Leader

The work place is massively competitive environment with everyone trying to escalate quickly in their career and become a leader.

That’s why we wrote the F.M.L. How to Stand Out and Become a Leader Book.  The feedback from our readers has been tremendous, but we didn’t want to stop there because we know the modern professional likes to learn different ways.  So we created the ‘Getting Leadership Ready’ online course, which teaches professionals how to add value to their organization and be seen as a leader within it.

It is much more than just an online course. We will challenge your perceptions of leadership, increase your leadership skills and improve your overall understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader.

You will learn how to lead yourself and lead other people….one of the most important skills you can develop. At the completion of this program, you’ll understand what it takes to lead. What you’ll get if you sign up:

  • 6 Video Modules
  • Coaching and Feedback from LearnLoft’s Leadership Experts
  • Opportunities to Collaborate with Other Leaders
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Skill Checks and Assessments
  • A Sharable Portfolio of Work

PLUS sign up before June 1st and we’ll send you a PDF copy of our Follow My Lead Book.

Each topic is broken down into bitesized video chunks so content can be consumed in manageable segments. What we call microlearning!

Within our ‘Getting Leadership Ready’ course, you’ll be challenged to complete projects. Our leadership experts will then review, grade and provide feedback on the work you’ve done.


Your portfolio of work will house all your projects, assessment scores and feedback. You share this with your managers and peers to show them your committed to developing your leadership skills.596525505.png

There’s a range of topics to work your way through, each topic includes skill checks, discussions, downloadable resources, projects, videos and more…


“The information was helpful and very useful for everyday life as well as my professional career!” – Barbara

“I enjoyed the program and it was a great benefits in helping me become a leader as well as a better professional.” – David

So, if you’re ready to progress your career, get recognized and start climbing the ladder of success you can sign up for just $20.

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Maybe you’re undecided and want to learn more. Well good news, we created the Getting Leadership Ready Assessment that you can take for FREE which will tell you immediately your leadership potential.

Interested in deploying this course to a group of high potential employees within your organization? We offer group rates and custom learning portals, simply email