The Greatest Challenge of Online Training: Can We Really Prevent Dropout?

The Greatest Challenge of Online Training: Can We Really Prevent Dropout?

90% of users drop out of online courses.

Which suggests something is broken….

At LearnLoft, we have identified 4 main reasons why learners are dropping out at such an alarming rate:

  1. Dissatisfaction with the course content
  2. Lack a sense of community or accountability
  3. Time management – courses don’t fit into their schedules
  4. Lack of communication with an instructor

We set to fix these challenges in 7 ways:

  1. Two-Week Scheduled Sprints

Two-Week sprints allow learners to dive deep into specific concepts without disrupting their normal schedules. This prevents the learner from getting both overwhelmed and/or bored with content. There’s a finish line in plain sight, but it’s also an immersion because they are spending time each day  (usually around 10-15 minutes) building on their knowledge.


  1. Delivery

We have honed a video-based, microlearning methodology. Videos are typically under 4 minutes long and do so by only focusing on one learning objective per video.


  1. Knowledge Transfer

In addition to tracking and measuring knowledge transfer using the traditional quizzes and assessments, we also assign projects meant to ensure the learner can actually apply concepts in the real-world. These projects are graded by coaches or administrators within the platform. All of these measurements are gathered together in our reporting section.


  1. Reengagement

Has a new course become available? Maybe you started your course but didn’t finish it? We inform users of new courses and prompting them back to the content.


  1. Instructor Feedback

Upload a video, picture or word document and one of our leadership experts will grade your work and give you feedback.


  1. A Community

No one likes to work in silo so we’ve made it easy for learners to interact with each other. Courses have set discussion topics, facilitating collaborative learning.


  1. Content Aligned to the Needs of the Modern Learner

We’ve created content that learners want and need to be successful in their leadership journey.


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