3 Ways to Improve Confidence in Yourself

3 Ways to Improve Confidence in Yourself

When I joined the 10 million people who have discovered their strengths through the Gallup Assessment, I wasn’t all that surprised to see my results.

  1. Strategic
  2. Command
  3. Belief
  4. Responsibility
  5. Maximizer

There is no doubt we are all more confident when we know our strength’s and then play to them in our professional life.  One of my strength’s stood out to me though; Belief. Meaning my core values are unchanging.

One of my core values when it comes to leadership came from Peter Drucker, and it was highlighted in one of my most popular articles, The Best Thing a Leader Can Give

  “If we want to be seen differently in the world it starts with how we view ourselves.”

To summarize the article, the greatest thing a leader can give to their people is a belief in oneself, better known as confidence. So we built a video to show three simple ways to improve confidence in yourself or with your team.

So remember:

  1. Surround Yourself or Employees with Positive People
  2. Make the Input Positive
  3. Celebrate Successes with Visual Reminders

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