True Signs You are Ready for Leadership

True Signs You are Ready for Leadership

Like countless other people, I longed for deeper meaning and more fulfillment in my work. No longer was my current sales role enough.  I knew in my heart helping other people create better versions of themselves, is what I wanted to do. I decided to do everything in my power to excel in my current role in order to stand out as a potential company leader. Luckily it worked, and my path to organizational leadership was born.

Does the thought of managing people, directly impacting someone else’s work fulfillment, and making big decisions appeal to you?

Maybe you have few years of business experience under your belt, and you’re starting to feel smarter than your boss. Not only would you do things differently, but most likely you think you’d get better results.These feelings aren’t ones to shy away from or ignore.  In many ways, they’re a sign of growth and confidence in you, that are required in order to be a great leader.

But if you’re still doubting your readiness, here are powerful signs you are ready for a leadership position within your organization:

You have matured enough to think beyond yourself.

No longer do you only think about yourself and satisfying your personal needs or desires.  You are regularly thinking about other people and how your actions impact them in a negative or positive way. You say “we” more than “I” in your professional and personal life.  You think a lot like Stephen Curry the NBA MVP:

“Steph does not care about getting all the attention,” Draymond Green said. “Without Klay, there’s not that much success here. Steph’s always made sure that people understood: It’s about us, it’s not about me. That’s why this team is successful, because that’s our guy, that’s how he sees things.”

Work doesn’t feel like work anymore.

Early in your career you would stare at the clock and couldn’t wait to bolt out the door.  Now you enjoy being at the office. The clock is there to  help you manage your calendar, not to determine what time you leave. Your passion and enjoyment for the work you are doing is contagious and others can count on you because of your work ethic and positivity.

You can handle criticism gracefully.

Receiving feedback and criticism from other people is now a way to improve yourself.  No longer is your first reaction to get defensive or stop listening. You now seek feedback and advice from other people because you know it motivates and improves you.

Others describe you as someone of great character.

When you aren’t in the room, people speak highly of you. They do this because you are making the right decisions both in and out of work. You are volunteering your time, effort, and energy in things most people wouldn’t want or think too.

You’re committed to getting better.

You enjoy learning and improving yourself.  You choose reading books and listening to podcasts regularly over watching TV from 8PM-11PM (except on Game of Thrones night of course). You proactively seek out a mentor to help guide you through your personal and professional life.  You regularly follow thought leaders like Tony RobbinsJon GordonGary VaynerchuckSeth Godin, or Bill McDermott because they are filling your brain with positive thoughts and emotions.

If these signs are present, then you are ready to take the next step and move into a leadership position. Unfortunately, no matter how ready you think you are for leadership, there will be many growing pains along the way. Prepare yourself with the correct foundation and fundamentals to be a leader who serves and influences others in a positive way.

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