How to Get Employees Excited about Training

How to Get Employees Excited about Training

Have you ever noticed that employees aren’t excited about taking ANOTHER training program? And can you blame them? Past experiences have most likely taught them that another training program is something to be endured not relished.

Our research shows both the lack of enthusiasm and engagement with content are major challenges within L&D departments throughout all industries. Without buy-in from the employee, the learning content you work so hard to produce or spend money on will continue to be under utilized.

So, how do you get your employees trembling with excitement? How can you have them on the edge of their seats and WANTING to take your training?

The answer is simple…Promotion! Here are 3 ways you can promote organization training initiatives:

1. Create a kick-off video
With all the great tips and tricks on the web for creating great video, you’re probably the Spielburg of enterpise video content. Try creating a kick off video that outlines the value of your program and gets learners fired up about taking it.

2. Invite a motivational speaker to kick off your program
Motivational speakers are a great way to kick start your program and build some hype. There are all kinds of motivational speakers the key is your find someone who fits your culture and has expertise in the programs content.

3. Leverage your current meeting structure
Weekly team meetings, conference calls or webinars are a perfect time to promote the value your latest training initiative. Use this time to plug your content.

Try some or all of these three promotional tactics to get employees excited about training initiatives.

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