5 Uncommon Ways to Motivate Employees

5 Uncommon Ways to Motivate Employees

I am fortunate to have an amazing and motivated team. It takes a lot more than staying late, working weekends, or taking on an industrious project to faze them. But even highly motivated people need an extra boost of motivation on an on-going basis. One of the challenging parts of a leading team is being aware enough to determine precisely when that boost is necessary.

The key is being proactive. Turn off the distractions (here is one idea, Why All Leaders Should Delete Facebook) and get closer to the work environment (Get out from behind the desk).  Once the distractions are out of the way, it’s easier to realize when to pull the right levers. Then you can focus on increasing motivation levels in order to produce optimal results.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Motivation by its very nature doesn’t last forever. Everyday I try to do something non-traditional to create either a long or short-term motivation depending on the needs of team. Some ideas work and some don’t. I’ll let you benefit from what I’ve learned by providing 5 of the most uncommon ways I’ve motivated my team, that actually worked.

Buy New Technology

Honestly, who doesn’t like new toys? Like a kid with a new bike on Christmas morning, chomping at the bit to ride it in the snow; it creates excitement. For my team, it was a new Canon 70D Camera to help us create more engaging Microlearning. The team was so giddy; they couldn’t wait for it to arrive. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should allow your team a chance to do their jobs better or reframe their thinking.

Invest in Their Development 

If an employee shows interest in something outside of their current role, invest in them. We have a team member who saw an opportunity to help us as a front-end developer. So, we are supporting him by making a small monthly financial investment and setting aside time for him to develop his new skill. You could invest in our new Getting Leadership Ready program, a Lynda.com license, or a ticket to an industry conference such as Salesforce.com Dreamforce. Ultimately, by doing this you will have a happy employee who sees their leader as someone who empowers them to live up to their full potential.

Impromptu out of the Office Lunches

How much would you like if someone came and told you to drop everything at 11:45 for a surprise lunch at The Palm, Ruth’s Chris, or Maggiano’s ? I wouldn’t recommend this motivation tactic if you have a big afternoon workload. Your team ends up wanting to have a George Costanza nap underneath their desk for an hour to two after, but it provided tremendous long-term motivation. It was something they cherished and works hard in hopes that we do it again.

Give Ownership of the Company

In his book, Above the Line, Urban Meyer compares renting vs. owning a home and how as a home owner he was naturally more motivated to take better care of his house. It’s a great example of why all employees should have ownership in the company for which they are working so hard. Even if it’s a really small amount, providing ownership might be the most powerful way to motivate anyone. If giving ownership isn’t an option for you and your team, find a similar way to provide empowerment. Allow them to make the next hire, lead the next project, or make a purchasing decision.

Write Them Thank You Notes

One of my favorite leaders used to write hand written thank-you notes to every employee on their work anniversary. I thought it was a brilliant way to motivate; showing personal appreciation for the work and commitment each employee made for the last 365 days. Try writing your individual team members when you see motivation levels drop; a thoughtful note from you may be just what is needed to turn things around.

These unconventional methods worked to motivate my team, and hopefully will provide you with some new ideas to try. If you have you own innovative approaches to inspire, let us know and provide your ideas in the comments section below.

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