Top 5 Tuesday 3.8.16

Top 5 Tuesday 3.8.16

Here is your weekly dose of Top 5 Tuesday: A list of things we are thinking, reading, watching, or doing to stay on top of our game and we think you should too:

Articles Worth Reading 

The skills gap at work…that no one is talking about

Ryan Holmes the CEO of Hootsuite says the contemporary workforce is woefully underprepared for the challenges ahead. A social media skills gap of epic proportions has opened up, as social media races ahead while formal training and education programs lag seriously behind.

Quotes Engrained in Our Minds

“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new”- Albert Einstein

What Podcast We’re Listening To

The Vertical Podcast with host JJ Reddick and guest Kyle Korver 

Ever wondered what two of the best shooters in the NBA talk about when they get together on a podcast?  We really didn’t either until we listened and loved it.  Great listen for anyone with kids who might one day want to play the game.

What We’re Watching

Gary Vaynerchuck and Seth Godin drop serious knowledge about modern marketing techniques and how everyone can add value.  It’s fantastic.

Tip of the Week 

Whats the most popular app we use every week? Yahoo App.  We are suckers for opening the Yahoo app on our phones and getting sucked into the “news”

Please let us know if there are suggestions for articles, quotes, shows, or tools we should highlight. Tweet us at @johngeades or@learn_loft.

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