A study conducted by Deloitte recently showed nearly 60% of young professionals want to become leaders, yet only 6% of companies feel their leadership pipeline is “very ready.”

Another study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that “employers with fewer than 100 employees provided only 12 minutes of managers training per six month period.”

The results of these studies are staggering, considering the impact leadership has on an organization.  Check out the infographic below to see the 4 Benefits of Developing Future Leaders.

4 Benefits of Developing Future Leaders
These are just a few of the benefits. The investment of time and resources into developing future leaders in organizations will undoubtably make a big impact. What are you doing to develop future leaders?


  1. It’s amazing how you mentioned that people will small numbers of employees trained on leadership so little. I think that it would be important to do some kind of leadership team assessment to see what is needed to be trained on in your business. Then you can hire a person who specializes in that and help everyone learn how to be more effective in leadership positions.

  2. I have always pictured myself in a management position at work, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about how when leaders demonstrate values through action they can create a culture. I believe that a culture at work is important for keeping employees happy and invested, so I will be sure to do this if I’m ever a manager. http://speakersyouneed.com/additional-topics/

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