Top 5 Tuesday 12.29.15

Top 5 Tuesday 12.29.15

Here is your weekly dose of Top 5 Tuesday: A list of things we are thinking, reading, watching, or doing to stay on top of our game and we think you should too:

Articles Worth Reading 

7 Guidelines to Make Success Inevitable in 2016 

Great insight from Nice Guy, Doug Sandler, highlighting 7 guidelines for not letting the voices inside your head control you but the other way around.  Our favorite is “focusing your attention on what lies ahead.”

Quotes Engrained in Our Minds

“As we look ahead at the next century, leaders will be those who empower others” – Bill Gates

What We’re Listening To

Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast episode 30 hosted by Mike Brown Jr. with guest Tien Tzuo of Zoura.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.  Tzou talks at length about the “three rooms concept” for building a SaaS website.  It’s amazing how many iterations it takes in order to get websites exactly where companies need them.

What We’re Watching 

Motivational: The Leaders – A Short Film for a Great Leader

A short video demonstrating some of the qualities of a courageous and skillful leader. It tells short stories of five leaders: The Runner symbolizes personal growth and struggle, The Boxer shows skill and determination, The Flyer shows vision and daring and The Two Coaches show the interpersonal skills needed to be a great leader.

What We Found Cool 

Charlotte Agenda – Charlotte Agenda is led by @Ted Williams and is free daily update on everything going on in Charlotte, NC.  It’s a great example of where local news is going and honestly every city should have a Charlotte Agenda. We are lucky to have them in Charlotte.

Tip of the Week 

Whats the most popular business application we use every day? @LinkedInPulse.  LinkedIn Pulse has done a fantastic job of building a blogging platform to help educate the modern professional.

Please let us know if there are suggestions for articles, quotes, shows, or tools we should highlight. Tweet us at @johngeades or @learn_loft.