How Modern Employees Learn

How Modern Employees Learn

Today’s employees are highly connected, social, and tech savvy. They take advantage of all the tools and information provided to them via websites and their social networks. YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are among the most commonly used sources of information. “70% use search engines and 50-60% take online courses. They are increasingly turning to their smartphones to find answers to their just-in-time problems.” They are looking for answers outside of traditional training and development channels; however, learners still crave collaboration with peers.

Today’s Modern Learner

How Employees Learn

So not only are employees learning in different places than before, they asking other people and sharing what they know. Truth be told this isn’t slowing down anytime soon. They believe in and will continue to develop themselves outside of traditional organizational training mediums.

The question then becomes how do organizations keep up and align with this growing gap in traditional vs. new age employee education?

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