5 Reasons Leader-Employee Relationships are So Important

5 Reasons Leader-Employee Relationships are So Important


Early in my professional career, I had positive relationships with my leaders. These relationships taught me so much and made an enormous impact on my life for the better. Those individuals transferred knowledge and wisdom, primarily through their actions. Using skills like listening, patience, and confidence.

Many of the lessons I learned, I will never forget and they continue to guide me today:

  • Pursue a life of significance not success
  • Improve a little every day, regardless of how much
  • Be humble
  • Relationships with people are the foundations of leadership

I can’t overstate the impact these relationships had on my life. They gave me the perspective on how I see leadership, today. It’s so important for leaders to cultivate good relationships with their employees.

5 Reasons Why Leader Employee Relationships Are So Important:

Leaders Influence Their Employees Confidence

First and foremost leaders are called to improve the confidence of their people. When people believe in themselves they are able to produce their best results. Confidence also has a funny way of having momentum. Its almost like leadership can have a confidence snowball effect.

When Leaders Push Their Employees Out of Their Comfort Zone, They Blossom

People are capable of so much more than their minds let them believe. Many times, employees need someone to push them out of their comfort zone to face fear, uncertainty, and doubt head on. It’s outside of our comfort zone where we produce the things that matter most.

Leaders Set the Bar for Future Leaders

Leaders set the bar for how employees view and experience leadership. Eventually, those views and experiences mold employees into the leader that they will become. If a leader does a lot of the right things every single day, employees will work to become that example for others as they progress in their career. It’s essentially “paying leadership forward.”

An Employee Who has an Engaged Leader Achieves More

Employees may feel overwhelmed at times when a leader showers them with engagement, but ultimately they do it because they care. By having high levels of engagement, it shows employees their leader cares about them and wants to see them achieve.

A Leader who is Committed to their Employees Professional Development Lives what Leadership is all about

The highest calling of leadership is the development of people. One of the most important things a leader can do is provide opportunities for employees to develop personally. There are two primary methods; financial investment or personal investment. Both are extremely important.

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