Employee Demand vs Organizational Readiness

Employee Demand vs Organizational Readiness


Organization’s learning capabilities aren’t keeping pace with the demand for learning from employees. More than ever employees see learning as a very important part of their jobs. Need Proof?

85% of respondents in this years Global Human Capital Trends (Bersin by Deloitte) cited learning as important or very important (up 21% from last year). Yet, only 28% of business respondents believe they are ‘ready’ or ‘very ready’ in the area of workforce capability.

Why can’t organizations keep up with employee demand for learning?

  • They are tied to antiquated LMS systems filled with long boring training content
  • The demands of the modern learner have evolved fast
  • Companies themselves still aren’t comfortable with utilizing technology to train and develop their people
  • The needs of the workforce evolve quicker than the ability for L&D to educate themselves on the subject then build content to support the workforce

What can organizations do to close the gap between demand and readiness?

  • Invest in new technology to provide mobile first access and design
  • Provide short video based learning that is more concise and relevant to the learner
  • Utilize the power of their own experts and giving them the ability to build an distribute content
  • Curate popular content from the web and add context for the organization
  • Maintain an innovative and agile approach to learning

L&D departments are tasked with finding these solutions as organizations look to overcome the gap between employee demand for learning and their ability to deliver.

The one thing that is clear, as competition grows the demand for learning is only going to increase. The organizations that can deliver, will likely find themselves ahead of their competition.