5 Micro-Tips to Creating Microlearning

5 Micro-Tips to Creating Microlearning


“So all I have to do is break up my 1 hour long webinar into short chunks and then I have Microlearning?”

We are probably asked this question at least once a week and the short answer is, “negative ghostrider!”

Microlearning is defined as specific bursts of content that can be transferred in a visible, tangible and or measurable way. Here are 5 Tips to remember when creating Microlearning.

  1. Use Video- People love video, what they love even more is short video. Video works because its visual and aligned to how learners want to learn today.
  2. Keep it Under 4 minutes– It’s hard to think content should be under 4 minutes, but think of how quickly we lose our attention today.
  3. Achieve One Learning Objective– Don’t try to achieve more than one learning objective. Doing so is the quickest way to extend your content and lose your audience
  4. Use a Story – Help your audience relate to the content by sharing a quick story or example to help transfer knowledge. Remember stories stick!
  5. Add Extra Content – Include any extra resources that would help the learner get more context if they need it. Downloadable resources or linking to other content is a perfect way to execute this.

Try these simple but powerful tips when creating your own Microlearning. Are there any other tips you use that should be on the list that we missed?