Thursday, March 11th @ 12 PM EST

Improve Your Coaching Skills
in 1 Hour

Coaching for Excellence is virtual workshop to help managers, directors, and leaders improve their coaching skills. Get the models and frameworks of world-renowned coaches that allow you to lead targeted coaching conversations with your team to elevate them to new levels of performance.

Is the Workshop for You and What Will You Learn?



($25 Value)

One of the best strategies to effective coaching is asking great questions.  To get started asking the questions like the best coaches, we have put together the best ones for you. 

In the 8 Questions to Leverage to Be a Better Coach you will receive:

  •   List of great coaching questions
  •  Examples of how to use the questions
  •  Great visual for virtual coaching

About the Coaching for Excellence Workshop

For many leaders, coaching others can be the toughest part of their job. Not only is there never enough time for coaching, but when it happens it tends to be rather useless in helping change behavior in order to drive achievement and results.  

But you are different.  You have either experienced a boss who was a great coach or you want to be a great coach to your people. In this live workshop you’ll:

  • Understand the mindset of elite coaches
  • Identify the three components of effective coaching
  • Learn how to coach individuals differently based on their personalized development
  • Discuss coaching techniques, strategies, and questions
  • Get introduced to the Coaching for Excellence Framework

The best part is you will leave equipped with a plan and strategy to coach others to excellence immediately!

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What You Need To Know


Duration: 60 Minutes + Q&A

Cost: $39

Time: Thursday, March 11th, 12 PM – 1PM EST

BONUS: Get the 8 Questions to Leverage to be a Better Coach ($25 Value) 

Can’t Join? That’s okay. You will be able to access the workshop OnDemand the following day.

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Meet the instructor

John Eades

CEO, Author, & Speaker

John is the CEO of LearnLoft a leadership development company which helps managers and executives to lead their best. He was named a LinkedIn Top Voice in Management & Workplace and his weekly leadership column has over 175k subscribers. He is also the author of Building the Best: 8 Proven Leadership Principles to Elevate Other to Success and is the host of the Follow My Lead Podcast.