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40% of New Managers Fail Within The First 24 Months. What Are You Doing Now To Develop Them?

Are you tasked with taking your in-person programs online, but don’t know where to start? 

Are you worried about how long it will take to create and implement a virtual leadership program? 

Are you concerned about the cost to train your remote team? 

Do you lack the tools to create self-awareness among your leaders? 

Virtual Leadership Training is the Here to Stay

We've got you! We've been doing this way before it was necessary

Virtual Leadership Programs, when done well, are a great way to develop leaders in your organization without all the hassle, risk, and expense of traditional in-person training. 

We’ve been developing leaders in organizations for the last 7 years and creating online learning for over 15 years. When it comes to delivering virtual leadership programs that instigate change, we are the experts.  

Develop Leaders at Every Level

We work with you to create a customized program based on your leaders

Skill Assessment

Understanding strengths & weaknesses is the first step to creating change. Our assessment measures how leaders are currently leading in 16 core leadership competencies.

Virtual & E-Learning

We've codified what the best leaders, teams, professionals & most effective organizations do to bring you programs designed to elevate leadership skills across your organization. ​

Coaching & Reinforcement

Knowledge is the first step, but nothing happens until people apply what they've learned. We're here to ensure behaviors change.

More than a Leadership Skill Assessment

Self-awareness is the first step to creating change.  When leaders see how their team and colleagues actually view their leadership approach, they’re motivated to improve themselves. In addition to data, there’s also anonymous feedback that gives them specific examples of things they’re doing well and areas that require improvement.

We’ve developed our leadership assessment with organizations in mind. The assessment not only provides leaders with data about themselves, it also provides organizations insights into their leaders. This unique application:

– Promotes diversity and inclusion by providing data that helps  remove unconscious biases

– Gives you peace of mind when creating succession plans

– Allows you to create focused training events 

– Provides opportunities to coach for growth

Proven Leadership Programs

These programs can be delivered in a live, virtual environment or as video-based e-learning

Building the Best Leaders

Building the Best Professionals

Coaching & Mentoring

Leading Remote Teams

Accountability in Action

Building the Best

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