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Do You Struggle To Develop Leaders Within Your Organization?

  • Is voluntary turnover a problem?
  • Did your leadership development program flop?
  • Need a common language to unite your leaders
  • Is the content old and stale?
  • Are you struggling to develop a pipeline of leaders?
  • Need a common language to unite your leaders
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7 Practices For Developing Leaders in Your Organization

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BUILDING THE BEST: The Proven Leadership Framework to Turn Managers into Leaders

Love and Discipline

We’ve been hard at work studying what’s required from the modern leader to be successful. Through 35,000 assessments and hundreds of interviews, we discovered the most important job a leader has today is to Elevate Others. To do so requires the simultaneous use of high levels of love and discipline. From our research, we created the Building The Best Framework designed around 16 proven competencies (8 love and 8 discipline).

John Eades, LearnLoft CEO and host of the Follow My Lead Podcast, has turned our research into a book, Building The Best: 8 Proven Leadership Principles To Elevate Others to Success, set to be released in 2019. The only way to get the Building The Best Framework before then is to partner with us to create a BTB Leadership Development Program at your company or attend the Ultimate Leadership Academy for individuals. Each BTB Leadership Development Program starts by creating self-awareness through the BTB 360° Assessment and Report revealing each manager’s Elevating Score and Leader Profile. The BTB Framework is then delivered in a workshop using stories and easy to apply models that can be used immediately. The workshops are reinforced through continuous learning on the LearnLoft Online Platform and optional coaching provided by our BTB Coaches. Not every company invests in leadership development, so we created the Ultimate Leadership Academy for managers to get the help they need. Our virtual instructor-led training 3-month program leverages the BTB 360° Assessment and customized Report, one-on-one coaching, the BTB Framework, and the LearnLoft Online Learning Platform. Almost everything can be traced back to leadership. It isn’t a little thing, it’s everything.

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