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Every organization rises and falls based on its leadership. At LearnLoft we believe leadership can be taught and mastered.
With the right training anyone can become a leader.

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Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

If your organization is experiencing any of the following, we can help.

    Lost Revenue

    Complacent Employees

    High Turnover

    Customer Dissatisfaction

    Low Customer Advocacy

    Missing Targets

What's causing these challenges?

"In the end, it all comes down to leadership"

Ronald Reagan

The solution

Develop Leaders Worth Following
Our approach works because when you develop your leaders it positively affects all areas of your business.

How we do it

Through our PROGRAMS and PLATFORM, we've modernize the way organizations view leadership. Online content is delivered in a way that aligns to the modern learner. We do this with microlearning, assessment, social learning, leaderboards and expert feedback.

What you get when you subscribe


A Library of Leadership Content


Monthly Leadership Webinar


Continuously Growing Library of Content


Your Own Unique Custom Portal


Dedicated Customer Success Rep


Reporting and Coaching Services


No matter where they are on their leadership journey, learners will find content that elevates their capabilities.

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Program Description

In this program you'll work along side our leadership experts to stand out from the crowd and be seen as a leader.

Program Description

Using the performance center you'll learn how to manage your time, develop your team and become a high performing leader.

Program Description

Take Leadership Challenge and become a better leader in just 10 days!

Program Description

Win Customers for Life by Winning Relationships that Last.

Program Description

Take back control of your day and your life. Learn how to start working simply and living fully.

Program Description

Modern Leadership is designed to help leaders in the 21st century get better performance out of their teams.


Learning technology built to support a methodology and content, not the other way around (like most online training).

Online Training for Next Generation Organizations
Improve skills, Increase Engagement & Ensure Knowledge Transfer

Pricing Guide


$250 /mo billed annually
Users 10-50


$750 /mo billed annually
Users 51-125


$1250 /mo billed annually
Users 126-250


$1875 /mo billed annually
Users 251-500

Every Account Includes All Features

  • A Custom Portal & Unique URL
  • Access to the Free Microlearning Library
  • Ability to Customize Free Content
  • Custom Course Builder
  • Mobile-First Design
  • Unlimited Upload Storage
  • Unlimited Managers and Admins
  • Reporting
  • A Customer Success Rep
  • Priority Support


You get access to all our programs and courses, the ability to create your own programs and courses with our easy to use course creator and you can track and measure learners with our detailed reports section. What more could you want?
That's right. You pay for the amount of active learners you want on the platform and you get access to all our content. We regularly add new courses and programs, too!
Absolutely. In addition to receiving a pricing discount, customers who commit to a year of training will be more successful in the long run. Overtime, as you add content and learners, social engagement will increase.
Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. If you need help, contact us directly.
No. All LearnLoft plans include secure, scalable cloud hosting for all your content.
YES! We have an app for that. In full disclosure, it’s not an app. We specialize in making custom video-based Microlearning. We can take you from concept to video production to anywhere in between. We have full production capabilities in-house. Contact us to find out more and get a friendly introduction to our team of instructional designers and producers.










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