Time is fleeting

Why Now is the Time to Be Your Best

It’s easier to take action and ensure you don’t go to your grave with music still in your when you realize: In your hands, you hold the seeds of failure or the potential for greatness.

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Hand stopping domino effect of wooden blocks

How Great Leaders Respond to Adversity

Every person whether you want it or not has faced adversity. The current pandemic is a great example of adversity that no one asked for or expected. Damon West, the author of The Coffee Bean shared a phenomenal example of the three basic responses to adversity.

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Smiling woman and wellness coach

How to Be An Effective Coach For Your Employees

One of the ways a leader separates themselves from being a manager is by coaching their people. A coach, by definition, is one who trains and instructs. The word coach comes from “carriage,” which means to take someone from where they are today to where they want to go.

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Wooden cubes form a bigger square

How to Press On During Tough Times

During difficult times, it’s essential to take small steps in the right direction. Even if it seems like it, nothing will change immediately. But at least it has a chance to change down the road. So the only way things even have the opportunity to get better is if you press on.

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