The Ultimate Leadership Academy

A virtual leadership development program designed to elevate the way you lead

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The very best leaders are those who never stop learning or developing their skills. The worst thing anyone, at any level in an organization, can believe is that they “already know it all”. 


This course is for you if you want to: 

  • Inspire and empower your team 

  • Have better coaching conversations 

  • Have difficult conversations and hold your team accountable

  • Create standards that increase your team’s performance 

  • Re-invigorate a stagnant team culture 

  • Implement goals that your people care about 

  • Retain top talent 

  • Successfully lead a remote team

Included in the Ultimate Leadership Academy

Virtual  Leadership Academy is collection of courses, valuable tools, and exclusive content designed to help you elevate the way you lead right away. It’s not concepts or theories, but implementable models and ideas that work for leaders at any level. 


Building the Best 
Getting Started 

What is Leadership 




Goal Achievement 

Setting Standards 



Next Steps

How to Lead a Remote Team 

Leading Remote Teams

Setting Standards 
Accelerating Performance 
Transferring Clarity
Building Accountability
Coaching for Development


Leveraging Accountability 

Intro to Accountability

Sharing Disapproval
Sharing Acknowledgement
Giving Praise 
Leveraging Empathy


Leader Tools & Plans 

Leading Remote Teams Toolkit (PDF)

2020 Leadership Plan e-book

Motivational Moments

A collection of motivational & thought-provoking videos you can consume in 2-minutes or less. 


Virtual On-Demand Content

Once you register, you’ll gain immediate access to all the content within our online learning platform. From microlearning video courses to downloadable tools and resources, you’ll have hours of learning to work through at your own pace. 

Live Group Coaching Calls

There will be three live group coaching sessions led by John Eades. These calls allow you to take a deeper dive into the concepts from the course, get your questions answered and learn from the challenges and successes of your peers. 


Act now and receive this bonus valued at $150 

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Ultimate Leadership Academy

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$100/month for 3 months

Registration Closes May 29th | Limited Spaces Available

What to hold a Private Ultimate Leadership Academy?


In my work over the last seven years studying thousands of professionals leading teams, and through my own experience leading my own team, I’ve experienced the challenges that leaders like you face every day.  


I created the Ultimate Leadership Academy to be what I wish I had when I started leading a team and to provide the tools I needed to stop me from getting complacent when I had been in the job for a while.  There is nothing easy about being a manager, director, or even an executive in today’s business world. While I am more convinced that there is no guaranteed way to lead other people to success, the Ultimate Leadership Academy is the best way I know-how. 

What's Your Current Leadership Style?


Check out what our Virtual Leadership Academy Participants are saying...
I can’t believe how much of an impact LearnLoft has had on my development as I transitioned into a management role. Working with them saved me a year or two’s time to get proficient as a leader.
Kelsey H
The Leadership report was valuable in so many ways including confirmation on what’s working and how I’m perceived. All the other learning modules that come with this program are great.
Steve M
The Leadership Academy has been a springboard for me to become a better leader. It motivated me to face my weaknesses as a leader and will have a significant effect on me and the people around me for the rest of my career. Thank you LearnLoft!
Mark H

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