Top 5 Tuesday 2.2.15

Here is your weekly dose of Top 5 Tuesday: A list of things we are thinking, reading, watching, or doing to stay on top of our game and we think you should too:

Articles Worth Reading 

Why Everyone Hates Onboarding and How to Make Everyone Love it

Heather Huhman writes on – When it comes to onboarding, companies need to stop living in the past. Just because onboarding was done a certain way for years doesn’t mean it should be done the same way forever.

Quotes Engrained in Our Minds

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others” – Bill Gates

What Podcast We’re Listening To

The Nice Guys on Business

Doug Sandler hosted Brian Dickinson to discuss motivation, business, climbing mount everest, and much more.  Worth 20 minutes of your time.

What We’re Watching

To say Bill McDermott has changed our perspective, goals, and vision would be an understatement. The last minute of this video is fantastic, “Culture makes and breaks companies, so the first thing #leaders have to do is be courageous at the top.”

Tip of the Week 

Whats the most popular app we use every day? Snapchat.  We have been using snapchat more and more and we think its worth everyone to try it.  Add our President @johngeades.

Please let us know if there are suggestions for articles, quotes, shows, or tools we should highlight. Tweet us at @johngeades or@learn_loft.

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5 Common On-boarding Mistakes Made With the Modern Learner

On-boarding employees has been a responsibility of organizations from the beginning of time.  Chances are if you asked 10 employees at 10 different companies about their on-boarding experience half would say it was outstanding the other half would give it the giant thumbs down.  There tends to be no gray area.  This means organizations, particularly individuals in HR and Learning and Development, can be either the problem and or the solution.

We have highlighted the most common on-boarding mistakes organizations are making with the modern learner, so you can ensure you are being part of the solution.

How NOT to onboard a modern learner.001

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