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         Pursue The Platform of Leadership

“You are good enough to lead.  You are good enough to build relationships, you are good enough for the promotion, you are good enough to help other people live out their potential.”


In season 22 episode 2, John Eades covers “The Man in the Arena” and why you don’t find great leaders you build them.  


         The 3 Most Important Decisions Every Organization Makes

“Inside every individual is the seeds of greatness. A leader’s responsibility to develop an environment where those seeds can bloom.”

In season 22 episode 1 we are joined by Darren Ford.  Darren is a trainer, author, and coach.  He uses his wisdom and experience to help develop people to become the best version of themselves.


Looking Forward with Jenn Andrews

“Your best self is always ahead of you.”  In season 21 episode 9 we are joined by Jenn Andrews.  She is the Executive Director of the Move For Jenn Foundation, a sought after public speaker, and Health and Wellness Coach.  

How to Find Objective Clarity in Yourself with Dustin Kaehr

“The best leaders communicate what fires them up in a really authentic way.” In season 21 episode 8, we are joined by Dustin Kaehr.  He runs the Lippert Academy for Leadership and is the author of the book Dear Boys. We discuss leadership, purpose, core values, parenting and more.

Why Do You Not Listen?

While hearing and listening may seem like they serve the same purpose, the difference between the two is relatively significant. “Hearing is through ears, but listening is through the mind.” In season 21 episode 7, John Eades covers the difference between hearing and listening then gives specific strategies to help you be a better listener as a leader.   

Accelerate Your Career with the Proximity Principle with Ken Coleman

“Relentless preparation leads to reflective performance” In season 21 episode 6 we are joined by Ken Coleman.  He is the author of the Proximity Principle, host of the Ken Coleman Show and the EntreLeadership Podcast. You can get the book at 

Viewing Leadership as an Opportunity NOT a Burden with John Eades

“There is an enormous reward in seeing other people develop.” In season 21 episode 5, John Eades covers the important topic of opportunity.

How to be a Leader Who Puts Humans First with Mike Vacanti

“People are capable of so much if we allow and inspire them to do it.” In season 21 episode 4 we are joined by Mike Vacanti. He is the founder of the Humans First Club and is a leading voice for creating healthier places to work.  

Leveraging Character in Your Leadership with General Robert Caslen

“If a team is going to be successful, they have to trust their leader.  To built trust, you have to be a leader of great competence and character.” In season 21 episode 3, we are joined by Retired General Robert Caslen.  The United States Army officer who served as the 59th superintendent of West Point from 2013-2018.  He was also in Operation Desert Storm, the Pentagon during the 9/11 attacks (reentered the Pentagon), and the Iraq War.