Conflict management

One Word Micromanagers Use That You Must Avoid

Now before you act as you have never micromanaged, stop right there. You have been guilty of it, and I have as well. To closely observe, control, or remind others what they should be doing or how they should be doing is an easy thing to do when you are ultimately responsible for their choices. But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it correct.

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Innovation and creative idea concept

How to Lead a High Performing Team

While retaining top talent is vitally important, it’s also critical for organizations to promote people into positions of leadership that can drive performance and make a positive impact on the people they get the opportunity to lead.

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Remote work concept. Designer demonstrates color swatch

How to Lead Your Remote Team

After studying remote work and helping managers prepare for their changing responsibilities, one thing is abundantly clear:
Most people manage a remote team, but few lead one.

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How to Fix An Underperforming Team in No Time

Sure there are many possible factors that can cause a team to underperform. These are just a few: lack of talent, talented people not meeting their potential, changes in the market, or a lack of resources. Still, ultimately, one person is responsible, the leader.

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How the Best Leaders Prepare for Difficult Conversations

Ever tried to have a tough conversation with someone and it went terribly wrong? Or worse, you know you need to have a difficult conversation but you hold back, only to run up against the same problem three months later? These conversations are especially important if you are in a position of leadership.

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