Why So Many People Hate Their Manager

here are too many professionals who don’t like coming to work.  The list of reasons are long; it could be because they aren’t passionate about the industry, the work they do, or more often than not it’s because of their boss. 

There is a simple concept all managers need to be reminded of if they are going to change the tides.  It’s called shared purpose.   

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How the Best Leaders Energize Their Team

The clock finally strikes 6 PM, and you’re finally ready to wind down your workday, only to see an email that includes a project that just can’t wait. Instead of shutting it down, you grab a coffee and hunker down for the next couple hours.

This situation happens in almost every organization daily. Not only am I not here to bash it, but I am guilty as charged. In today’s fast-paced business world time and urgency are of the essence. Instead of trying to change the tides or institute a 30 hour work week, there is a different strategy you can implement that the best leaders know.

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Why Your Company’s Purpose Must Go Beyond Making Money

The words purpose-driven and finance don’t seem to even go in the same sentence because of a vast majority of people think the purpose of a finance company is “making money.” While making money is incredibly important for any business, not just in finance, a purpose-driven organization connects its mission to a deeper meaning in order to align its employees and make better business decisions.

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The Unforgivables Most Leaders Get Wrong

Starbucks is a perfect example of what is possible when a leader gets the formula right. They set themselves up with a foundation to be successful that gives their people a fighting chance — not only to be successful but to be fulfilled in the work that they do.

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