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How Great Leaders Respond to Adversity

Every person whether you want it or not has faced adversity. The current pandemic is a great example of adversity that no one asked for or expected. Damon West, the author of The Coffee Bean shared a phenomenal example of the three basic responses to adversity.

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Why Great Leaders are Positive In Adverse Situations

The current business world makes it hard to be optimistic. I don’t know if it’s the amount of negative information we receive, the speed in which judgments are cast, the sheer amount of people doing work they hate, or some combination of the three. BUt the best leader maintain optimism in adverse situations.

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How Great Leaders Use Gratitude To Be More Effective

Many people and things deserve sincere thanks. It is very easy to overlook these things, particularly if showing gratitude isn’t currently in your repetiteur. Here are three things that cause you adversity but you should give gratitude too instead:

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