Which Style Are You Currently Using and What Does it Mean?

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Coaching for Excellence is for managers, executives, or professionals who aspire to be a professional coach, without wasting time, money, and energy trying to develop their skills all on their own. Right now, get lifetime access for just $49 (normally $249). Offer Expires Soon.

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Real Results Achieved


High Performers on Teams


Internal Promotion of Team Members


Team Turnover

*when compared with results prior to enrolling in course.

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Now is the Time

Lead Your Best

If you are a front line manager, district manager, vice president, or entrepreneur what’s required for you to be successful is to be a leader, not a manager. 

If you experience high voluntary turnover, unmotivated team members, lack of revenue, operational inefficiency, or you want to further develop your leadership skills, you have found your home.  

Ultimate Leadership Academy will teach you our proven way to lead your best, learned while surveying over 45,000 of leaders and 100’s of interviews over the past 7 years.  

It's ALL Included

Popular & Recently Added Content

Module 1:
What is Coaching?


Module 2:
The Mindset of Effective Coaches


Module 3: Be a Great Listener



Module 4: How to Inspire Others with Storytelling


Instantaneous Coaching Techniques & Strategies


Arranged Coaching Techniques & Coaching Excellence Framework


What Else is in the Academy?

 A Collection of Masterclasses & Tools
 Exclusive Content Updated Weekly
 A Leadership Community

Additions for 2021...

 Live Monthly Workshops
 Coaching for Excellence Online Course

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Stop Managing,
Start Leading

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The Roadmap to Lead Your Best

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All the content in the Ultimate Leadership Academy is available immediately and new content is added weekly. 

3. Lead Your Best

Start implementing what you learn so you can lead your best. 

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Here's What Other Leaders Are Saying...

Transitioning to Management

I can’t believe how much of an impact LearnLoft has had on my development as I transitioned into a management role. Working with them saved me a year or two’s time to get proficient as a leader.

Kelsey H.

Tackle Weaknesses

The Leadership Academy has been a springboard for me to become a better leader. It motivated me to face my weaknesses as a leader and will have a significant effect on me and the people around me for the rest of my career. Thank you LearnLoft!

Mark H.

Improve EQ and Communication

It covers a lot of bases; however, the material fits well together and flows nicely. The course works well for those hearing this for the first time or as a reminder of the basics of high EQ and communication.

Alexis L.

A Clear Path to Leading Your Best

Here's the Plan

Included in the Ultimate Leadership Academy is the Building the Best Course. There are 5 Leadership Styles that align to the way you’re leading today. Find out which way you’re leading and what you can do to improve by implementing the Great 8 to Lead Your Best — eight core areas critical for anyone to lead their best. 


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  • Regularly $200
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  • Leadership Community
  • Exclusive Content Updated Weekly
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