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“This week at my leadership team meeting with my direct reports, I set the tone by being vulnerable and sharing with them my self-reflection of not being the leader I know I need to be. Then I followed your guidance on setting a vision statement, resetting our team expectations, defined accountability, created a strategic plan…I just wanted to say thank you. I knew the direction I wanted to go but your book really outlined it for me in the very best way. Feels so good to have a reset for 2020.”

– Lesa F.

“Wow! Your book is the right balance of insight and practical wisdom for today’s leaders. I’m about 2/3 through with many notes, highlights and underlines on the pages for me to take into 2020. I also just bought 4 more for my mangers .”

– Michael G.

“Upon completion of the book, I was struck by its simplicity and the consistent message that we only become leaders by stepping outside of ourselves to see, better understand and help others along their way in their journey. The book is filled with great, real-life stories and examples of people who “built the best.” I highly recommend this book for anyone as it contains well researched, proven and practical advice that one can easily adapt to and apply, becoming a better leader at work, at home or in life in general.”

– Monte P.

2021 Leadership Plan

The 2021 Leadership Plan is an accompaniment guide to help you take the critical principles from Building the Best and turn them into actions and results.  

The end results in a solid foundation for our team to be their best in 2021. 


In the Leadership Plan you will define:

  • Maximizing Mantra
  • Team Purpose (Mission) Statement
  • Standards to Uphold
  • Team Goal for 2020
  • Priorities to Achieve the Goal

The 2021 Leader Plan

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Building the Best Book

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  • Limited to the US

The Bundle

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