The People You Should Lead For

“Both the people I lead at work and the the people I lead at home are both really important to me, but what’s harder leading at work or leading at home and how can I be better at both?”

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Why Modern Leadership is So Hard

No longer does it feel like leaders have to rule with an iron fist, not care about the people being lead, or are afraid to show vulnerability in front of those people. Instead it is encouraged to be a servant leader, to be committed to the development of people, and to try and create more leaders, not more followers.

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8 Leadership Lessons from SAP CEO Bill McDermott

It didn’t take long before I was completely hooked and had immersed myself into the Winners Dream – A Journey from Corner Store to Corner Office, by SAP CEO Bill McDermott. Bill’s story is unique and one that truly is the American dream. Below are 8 keys to being a better leader, professional and person that I took away from Mr. Bill McDermott.

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