Caring Yet Demanding: How Great Leaders Succeed

to be a great leader, demanding excellence while demonstrating the highest level of care is a part of the job. In my work studying, interviewing, and coaching leaders, it’s evident that people need help and assistance from others to perform at their best consistently.

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How the Best Leaders Help Underperforming Employees

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out some people perform better than others. Not only do high-performing professionals produce better business outcomes, but they tend to be more engaged and help their team or organization be successful.

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Business competition

How the Best Leaders Navigate Office Politics

Great leaders are active participants in politics because they recognize that if they want to make positive change, have influence, and be a part of the solution, they must be active participants and not passive bystanders.

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Innovation and creative idea concept

How to Lead a High Performing Team

While retaining top talent is vitally important, it’s also critical for organizations to promote people into positions of leadership that can drive performance and make a positive impact on the people they get the opportunity to lead.

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How to Fix An Underperforming Team in No Time

Sure there are many possible factors that can cause a team to underperform. These are just a few: lack of talent, talented people not meeting their potential, changes in the market, or a lack of resources. Still, ultimately, one person is responsible, the leader.

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