How to Handle Fear Like the Best Leaders

The most remarkable leaders on the planet have an amygdala in their brain, just like you and me. However, they recognize the battle against fear is permanent, and they have to overcome it constantly. 

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Why Bad Leaders Fall in Love with Fear

While we’ve been taught that fear is bad, that isn’t all true. Fear is simply an emotion of the mind and it’s triggered by the perception of danger, whether that danger is real or imagined.

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How the Best Leaders Prepare for Difficult Conversations

Ever tried to have a tough conversation with someone and it went terribly wrong? Or worse, you know you need to have a difficult conversation but you hold back, only to run up against the same problem three months later? These conversations are especially important if you are in a position of leadership.

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4 Ways Great Leaders Instill a Growth Mindset in Others

Whether in business, athletics or any other field, achieving success doesn’t come from natural ability and intelligence alone. It comes from having a growth mindset.
Growth-minded individuals are constantly looking for ways to get a little better than they were yesterday. They aren’t afraid to take risks or put in the extra effort to become better and achieve their desired results.

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5 Critical Skills You Must Develop to Become a Great Leader

After years of studying, practicing, applying, and writing about what the best leaders do, I am confident there are 5 critical skills every leader must develop to become the best leader that can be. These skills do not have to be completed in order, and you will probably find that you already have a high skill level in some or most of them.

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