Why The Best Leaders Look for Competitive Employees

Many traits, skills, and abilities often go undetected and are essential for long-term success. There is one that many of the best leaders like Caroll look for in the evaluation process that stands above the rest. This trait is what I call, “Competitive to the Core.” It’s a combination of natural god-given talent and developed skill.

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Proven Attributes Of Leaders Who Have Transformed Their Heart And Mind

Many executives and managers have taken note of a leadership style called servant leadership that attracts followers, improves engagement, and enhances results. In an attempt to change their perception and behavior, they have adopted a vanilla and fake version of servant leadership that, at times, passes for the real thing.

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40 Proven Leadership Lessons at Age 40, I Want You to Know

Outside of a few more gray hairs (wisdom) and a little more weight, turning 40 hasn’t been bad at all. I have 40 proven leadership lessons captured from my past and present that it’s important to remember in the future. These lessons and principles have shaped who I am and what I am becoming.

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Why The Best Leaders Choose Humility Not Pride

Becoming a great leader depends on the depth of your humility.

There is something remarkable about humble leaders. It could be how they listen and make you feel heard. It could be how they communicate or how they model what you want to become.

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