Why The Best Leaders Look for Competitive Employees

Many traits, skills, and abilities often go undetected and are essential for long-term success. There is one that many of the best leaders like Caroll look for in the evaluation process that stands above the rest. This trait is what I call, “Competitive to the Core.” It’s a combination of natural god-given talent and developed skill.

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How to Empower Not Delegate as a Leader

A common piece of advice from executives trying to help less experienced managers is, “you have to delegate more.” While the suggestion of taking things off of your plate and putting them on someone else’s makes sense on the surface, the intention behind the ask makes the difference.
If you take nothing else from this column, I want you to take this:

When leaders delegate, it’s about them. When leaders empower, it’s about others.

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Remote work concept. Designer demonstrates color swatch

How to Lead Your Remote Team

After studying remote work and helping managers prepare for their changing responsibilities, one thing is abundantly clear:
Most people manage a remote team, but few lead one.

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