Motivation Maximizes Your Momentum with Tom Ziglar

“You have within you every quality of success necessary to be successful.” In season 6 episode 6 we are joined by Tom Ziglar.  Tom is the CEO of the Zig Ziglar Corporation. He is a sought after presenter, speaker, and author. Tom has taken the foundation his father, Zig Ziglar built and brought it into the modern generation.

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We covered a lot of ground in our discussion including:

- Why momentum is so important in organizations

- The concept of Will, Skill and Refill

- Why everyone is born to win

- Why mindset is so important to becoming successful

- What holds people back from achieving greatness?

- How to prepare the way for others

- Why we all have the capacity to do more than you think you can

- Tom’s favorite lesson from Zig

- The power of the “Mental Model and Perfect Start”

- What is the fastest way to success?

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