Why You Need to Attract Positive Attention in the Workplace with Rachel Sullivan

This episode I sit down with Rachel Sullivan. She is the Director of Global Sales Training at Zeltiq best known as CoolSculpting. The company whose revolutionary technology freezes fat cells and makes us trimmer. She and has spent the majority of her professional career developing relationships, evaluating talent, and developing them into the best version they can be. Engaging, authentic, and pretty wouldn’t due her justice. If that isn’t enough, she moonlights as a recording artist in New York City and has released multiple albums.  Follow her on twitter @ladyboss.

In this conversation we cover a lot of ground, including:

  • Why networking is the most important thing you can do as a professional
  • Make things make sense you in order to really know it
  • Educating yourself online should be a standard
  • The concept of 'Managing Up' and why it needs be cultivated
  • Why being proactive is a critical way to move up in an organization
  • Why being a little political in an organization is never a bad move
  • The reason why setting aside your emotions in professional settings
  • It's ok to get angry with things at work, but you have to do it offline
  • Leaders not only need to see something today but in contrast for what it could be
  • Why Leadership is all about Sales
  • Why business and leadership is personal
  • Extreme behaviors can provide opportunities
  • Motivation and coachability have to be demonstrated in the workplace
  • No one is really looking at you when you are a young professional
  • How to apply Wedding Crashers to business
  • How to attract positive attention to you in business
  • Act first and ask for forgiveness later (for the most part)
  • How Music connects the left and right brain

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