Why Leadership Starts and Ends with Relationships with Carolina Panthers Coach Sean McDermott

Today's guest is none other than Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott. For those of you who aren’t big football fans, McDermott is in his fifth season as the Panthers' defensive coordinator, leading a unit that has developed into one of the best in the NFL. Under McDermott's guidance, Carolina is one of just three teams in the NFL to rank in the top 10 in defense each of the last three seasons. He works with and helps develop players such as Luke Keuchly, Thomas Davis, and Josh Norman.   He helped the Panthers reach Super Bowl 50 in which the team took a heartbreaking defeat to the Payton Manning led Denver Broncos.

We cover a ton of ground in this episode ranging how he looks at leadership, whats the most important thing a leader should care about, what makes up great team, and motivational quotes the panthers use to keep energy and focus through the season.

Additional content includes:

  • Why building relationship is an enormous key to leadership
  • What’s the difference in coach and leader?
  • Whats the difference in leading millennials vs other generations
  • How to build relationships with young professionals?
  • What can professionals do to build trust with their leaders
  • Results driven business require trust
  • What makes up a great team
  • How to develop a leadership pipeline
  • What losing the Super Bowl taught him
  • How you can focus on the process not the results
  • What Playoff Caliber and Defend Your Dirt Mean

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