What Leader Profile Are You? With John Eades and Mark Houston

John Eades Quote Image

"When you set standards and you allow your people to choose to meet or exceed them you get an entirely different response."

In season 17 episode 2, John Eades and Mark Houston go through the 5 Leader Profiles of the Welder Leader Assessment to help you on your leadership journey.  

In the conversation we cover:

- Where the welder leader research started

- Why Dabo Swinney is a great example of a Welder leader

- How should leaders define love

- How should leaders define discipline

- Examples of all 5 leader profiles

- Why it's important to help someone be at their best

- What do you do if people aren't meeting standards

- What do you do if you are a manager, ruler, pleaser, dabbler, or welder?

Take the free assessment at http://learnloft.com/assessment

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