Why You Should Put a Line in a the Sand as a Leader with Todd Weiden

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"If you don’t have a game plan around accountability as a leader you shouldn't even try" 

In season 17 episode 3 we are joined by Todd Weiden.  He is the head of Branch Transformation at SunTrust Bank.  He has led teams and people for over 10 years with incredible results.  

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In the episode, he shares incredible lessons about:

- How to look for promotional opportunities

- How to turn around a team as a leader

- Why You should use a spark to get a team going

- Why You Have to Invite Your Team to Perform Better

- How to be Creative With Content As a Leader

- Why Consistency is so important

- Why Communication is critical to the success of any team

- How content can help build accountability and skill

- Why are priorities so important in leadership

- How to handle underperforming people

- How to think about accountability

- What’s the best way to think about hustle

- What’s harder leading at home or leading at work

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