Choosing Partnership as a Leader with Ty Bennett

“Your ability to lead, to connect, to win people over is one of the most important skill sets you can develop.” In Season 7 Episode 2 we are joined by Ty Bennett. Ty is a world-renowned speaker, best selling author, entrepreneur, husband and father to 4. There is much to learn from Ty and his approach of "Partnership is the New Leadership."  

You can learn more about him at or social @tybennett.

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We covered a lot of ground in our discussion including:

- What is “Partnership is the New Leadership?”

- Why influence is so important in leadership

- Why transformation doesn’t happen without leadership

- Why every professional should think about developing as a leader

- What is "lunch with “Winston?"

- Why Leadership is most demonstrated in the home

- Why being connected with our teams at work is so important

- How to lead from the C-Suite

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